Alejandro Jaramillo

Alejandro Jaramillo

Over 13 years of experience in both M&A and Financing transactions.

Prior to joining BANICOL, Mr. Jaramillo was a Vice President at Axia Invesment Banking and a Senior Associate at Inverlink S.A.

Has executed investment banking advisories in varius sectors, including: financial institutions, health, food, industrial, engineering, real estate development, infrastructure, mining, O&G services, hospitality, retail, agrochemicals, agroindustry, transportation, environmental services, software, power generation, ports, among others

M.B.A., London Business School; Industrial Engineer, Universidad de Los Andes


Selected Experience
in Mergers and Acquisitions

Recurring corporate finance advisories to Sanford (+12 companies)
Sale of 100% of Analizar Laboratorio Clínico Automatizado S.A.S.
Sale of Opportunity International Colombia C.F. S.A. to Crezcamos S.A.
Acquisition of the instant coffee business of Café Oma (Toscafé) by Café Soluble (Nicaragua)
Sale of Gómez Cajiao y Asociados S.A.S. to Setec Consultants
Sale of a 23% equity stake in Sotramac S.A.S. to ADO Group (Mexico)
Sale of a majority equity stake in Ecoeficiencia S.A.S. (today Atica / Industria Ambiental) to Altra Investments
Sale of Morelco S.A. to Graña y Montero (Peru)
Valuation of Koba Colombia S.A.S. (Tiendas D1) for a transaction among its shareholders
Sale of Mamut de Colombia S.A.S. (today Maxo)
Sale of an equity stake in Credivalores-Crediservicios S.A.S. to Gramercy
Sale of Valrex S.A.S. (today Ondina) to Altra Investments
Sale of an equity stake in Credivalores-Crediservicios S.A.S. to Acon Investment
Advisories for transactions among shareholders for Grupo Solla, Dann Regional, Sainc Ingenieros, Servinte, Boots and Bags, among others

Selected Experience in Financing and Others

Advisory to Sotramac on a USD 80 million financing with Proparco, Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN), Scania and Bancóldex
Advisory to Incubadora Santander (Huevos Kikes) on a USD 25 million financing
Advisory to Si-99 S.A. on the extension of its concession contract in the Transmilenio system of Bogota,
Refinancing of Termocandelaria Power Limited (Termocandelaria and Termobarranquilla) for USD 245
Advisory to Grupo Coremar on a USD 30 million financing
Advisory to Credivalores-Crediservicios S.A.S. on a USD 10 million financing
Advisory to Amarilo S.A. on the financial structuring of a division specialized in student housing
Advisory to Organización Suma S.A.S. on a USD 90 million financing for the SITP (Sistema Integrado de Transporte Público) concession contract
Advisory to Si-99 S.A. on a USD 75 million financing
Financial structuring and capital raising for Credifamilia S.A.