Diego Calderon

Diego Calderon

Diego Calderon has over 18 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and financial transactions.

Prior to founding BANICOL, was a Vice President at Inverlink S.A. and a Business Analyst at McKinsey and Company

Has executed investment banking advisories in various sectors, including: health, regulated and non-regulated financial institutions, education, gas distribution, logistics, public transportation, retail, beverages, hospitality, road infrastructure, food, media, among others

B.Sc. Industrial Engineering, Universidad de Los Andes


Selected Experience
in Mergers and Acquisitions

Sale of an equity stake in Redcol to Ashmore Colombia
Acquisition of 74% of Crezcamos S.A.
Sale of the real estate of Instituto del Corazón de Floridablanca to Goldman Sachs (USD 28 million)
Sale of Colegio Vermont to Redcol
Acquisition of Colegio La Arboleda de Cali by Redcol
Acquisition of Colegio Británico de Cartagena by Ashmore
Sale of Bogotá Beer Company to AB InBev
Sale of a 40.2% equity stake in Diacorsas (today Avidanti) to Ashmore Colombia
Acquisition of Microfinanzas y Desarrollo by Credivalores-Crediservicios S.A.S.
Sale of a 25% participation in Sheraton Hotel (Bogota)
Sale of Pintos S.A. to Armonía
Sale of a 26% equity stake in Easy Solutions to Progresa Capital
Advisory to Coca Cola Femsa on the merger of 5 companies in Colombia
Sale of an equity stake of Banco Colpatria to GE Money
Sale of Confinanciera CFC to Banco Davivienda
Sale of a 50% equity stake in Teleset to Sony Pictures International
Sale of Landers & Cia (subsidiary of Kraft LA)

Selected Experience in Financing and Others

Financing of the Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia for USD 80 million for the construction of the International Center of Specialists (CIE).
Advisory to Diacorsas on a USD 40 million financing for the construction of a hospital in Ciudad Verde (Soacha)
Financing of USD 13 million to OPL Organization
Advisory to Hospital Internacional de Colombia on a USD 40 million financing for the construction of a health facility
Advisory to Estaciones Metrolínea on a USD 40 million corporate bond restructuring
Advisory to TISA on a USD 16 million refinancing
Advisory to Polar Colombia on the structuring of a business plan and a USD 17 million financing
Advisory to Movilizamos S.A. on a USD 30 million financing
Advisory to ETM S.A. on a USD 30 million financing